Healthy Junk and a Tiki Bar

Just like the day that I went to Veggie Grill to escape being stuck in potential traffic, on the last day of VidCon, I decided to see what was around Anaheim while waiting to head back towards LA and stumbled upon this amazing little place called Healthy Junk.IMG_5728Healthy Junk is inside the Center Street Promenade, which has a bunch of different shops and restaurants. It’s a little weirdly placed, because it’s situated in a space that is more like Food Court counter than actual restaurant space, but I’m glad I ended up going.

IMG_5732There were a couple of other spots in the building, but Healthy Junk had a counter where you order food, and then a separate bar area that was situated more in the middle where the tables were. You can see in the picture above some of the other food areas in the building.

When I went, it was dead and there was only one other person eating. The guy at the counter was really nice (I had my badge still on so we talked about why I was there, and about Louisville), and he suggested I try the Chez Burger Deluxe: one of the specials of the day.IMG_5733The burger was really, really good. It had a combo of cheese and thousand island-type dressing, and the burger itself was less veggie patty and more close to a regular burger. The type of bun was also really good with the burger. I really love crusty bread, and the bun was tough enough that it didn’t fall apart, which is good because of the sauces on the burger. I also got seasoned fries as a side.

The menu is fairly small, but still had a bunch of items. They also had some smoothies that looked really good. I’m sure the bar area is really nice at night.

When I got back to Hollywood, I met up with Mercy and we went out to a tiki bar called Tiki NoIMG_5743

IMG_5742I don’t got out drinking much, mostly because I don’t really have the money too, but we got there at a nice time and managed to get a seat near the open window and spent the night catching up since I was now free from spending the entirety of my days in Anaheim. It was a nice night.IMG_5746I’m really glad I searched for a place near the convention center when I was in Anaheim and found out about Healthy Junk. It was definitely not one of the places recommended to me, and I hadn’t heard anyone talk about it so I’m glad I stumbled upon it. I really liked the place, and would definitely recommend checking it out if you are in the area.

While I was there, they had signs for a vegan faire they were hosting that was unfortunately not until after I got back, but checking out the website for this post I saw that they were having another one this year! Check out the faire’s page for more details. I think it would be fun to go to if you are near there in July.

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