Gracias Madre: West Hollywood

Continuing on with my California adventures, I thought I would post about Gracias Madre in West Hollywood.IMG_5774Gracias Madre was a place that I had on my to-go-to list for a while, and was glad that while we were out exploring the rest of Hollywood that I was able to stop by.

(I have a lot of pictures for that, so I’m going to separate them into their own post).

IMG_5762I’m fairly positive the menu changes up quite a bit, because there are some items on this menu that are currently not on their website’s menu. A lot of it seems seasonal to what they can get in terms of produce. They source all of their items from local organic farmers.
IMG_5764I ended up getting some sort of berry mojito to start with. Sorry I’m a bad blogger, and can’t tell you the exact name and what it had in it. But, here’s a picture of it half gone:IMG_5770(It was really good.)

What was even more amazing was THIS:IMG_5768Again, this isn’t on the menu that I can tell, so I don’t know the specific name, but I think it was just called the enchiladas verde. It had grilled zucchini, a tomatillo sauce, avocado and a cashew cream on top. It was so very good. Everything was fresh, and the flavors didn’t over power each other, which can happen easily in a dish that is covered in sauce.

I really liked the refried black beans, and it came with a messaged kale side. California really likes kale. I do too, so it worked out. IMG_5771We decided to share the flan for dessert. I haven’t had flan in forever, and this was incredible. They made it with coconut, and I loved it much more than what I remember non-vegan flan tasting. If you stop by, you have to get this!

If I make it back to California, I’ll definitely stop by again. The menu was great and had a decent sized drink menu (both alcoholic and non). They also had a gorgeous courtyard outside to sit at, and plenty of space inside. Definitely check it out if you are looking for a good place in Hollywood.

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