After going to Gracias Madres, we spent some time in Hollywood.IMG_5795 IMG_5792 IMG_5803 IMG_5807We also stopped by Alfred Tea Room.

IMG_5780 IMG_5781I really love tea, and the place was adorable. They had a case of food (that had vegan options!), and the decor and design was perfect. Also, any place that has both soy AND almond as options is good in my book.IMG_5785 IMG_5786We spent the rest of the night at Griffith Observatory.IMG_5850We had a bit of a hike to get up the mountain from where the car was  parked, but once there it didn’t seem to matter. The views were incredible!IMG_5855 IMG_5831I’d really like to go back to the observatory and spend some more time. By the time we got up the mountain (which was admittedly a huge struggle for me), it was later in the evening. We did get to see some of the shows, but the line was long to actually look at the telescope. Next time, I want to go earlier in the day to really get the full experience.


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