What I’m Watching: May/June

Seeing as I have been posting (kind of) regularly these past couple of days, I thought I would try to keep it up. Its been a nice break from my head, and has been a great way to keep my mind off of my anxieties, especially when I have bouts of insomnia.

I’m not going to pretend I’m something that I’m not. I’m a binger. I would rather spend time doing a marathon of a series over watching something weekly. I know that it is not the best, but I think growing up with numerous X-Files cliffhangers has made me crave the instant gratification of being able to continue with series. I will let my DVR fill up with the shows I’m currently watching that are airing so that I will watch them in a marathon.

Because of this, I never expected to have a watch list, but over the past couple of weeks I’ve been watching bits and pieces of shows and thought I would create a list of the things that I’m currently watching. Some of these I’m forced to watch a couple of times a week because they are still airing, but there are a few that I own/have access to the entire series that I’m slowly going through.

My Secret Romance (DramaFever): I’m pretty sure this drama ends this week or the next, and to be honest it is not the best show, but has kept my interest enough to keep watching it when it comes out.

Queen of Mystery (DramaFever): I’m only adding this because I’m technically still watching it, I’m on episode 4, but I doubt that I will continue it though. I know if I’m going to like something pretty quickly and didn’t like this one from the beginning but kept pushing through just in case it was a rough first episode…it’s looking like I should listen to myself. But I’ll keep it on for the time being (this is also still airing).

Neon Genesis Evangelion (DVD): As I wrote in my last post, I’m doing to rewatch of this series

Circle Two Worlds Connected (DramaFever): Ok, so I’m lying to you a slight bit, this drama just came out the other day and I haven’t officially started it, but I am going to tonight. It’s the first drama since Goblin that I’ve been excited about the show from the previews.

That’s it, fairly short list all things considering. I’d thought I’d also include shows that I have finished recently-ish:

Your Lie in April (CrunchyRoll): I literally just finished this one last night. I admit I binged this one over a couple of days, but it really was great. It’s the first anime that I’ve watched in a long time that I don’t already own/have seen previously. Really great storyline, especially if you were ever in music/arts world and experienced a life of competitions and rehearsals (like I have!). So good.

RH Plus (CrunchyRoll): I wanted this to be even just ok, and it was terribly cheesy but somehow I pushed through this series to finish it (i.e. I skipped through most of it). The acting was terrible.

My Little Lover (Netflix): I have a theory on Asian dramas: the weirder the plot the better it’s going to be. This one is the embodiment of that theory. I started to watch it because I’m getting desperate for J-dramas, and didn’t think I’d actually like it. But I got hooked. I would have loved this one in high school.

The Cravings (Netflix): This is a short drama (each episode is about 10 minutes long) but I loved the concept. The main character makes food in each episode using what she has – mostly leftovers and at the end of the episode they have an actual recipe clip. It was an easy watch.

Marriage Not Dating (DramaFever): Sometimes it’s nice to watch a series that you don’t have to think about. This wasn’t spectacular by any means, but it was entertaining enough to watch the entire series.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (DramaFever): This was a very adorable drama, and really loved it (up until the last episode, sigh). I would recommend this one.

Koinaka (Viki): I started this one a very long time ago, enjoyed it, but slowly stopped watching it and didn’t pick it up for months. I finally finished the series and really enjoyed it. I’m just happy that it’s a j-drama that isn’t set in high school (at least for most of the series).

So those are the shows I’m currently watching, and some that I have finished up recently. I might start doing more reviews like I am with Evangelion, but for now I’ll focus on just writing about Eva. I can be flighty sometimes, and am known to randomly pick up series, so maybe I’ll do these updates on a semi-regular basis? Monthly? I think it might be a fun recap of what I’m watching and show the types of dramas/anime I’m into, and really solidify how much of a life I don’t have that I can watch all of these things :)

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