Oh hey. Hi. Hello. 안녕하세요. こんにちは.


If you can count on me for one thing, it’s that I make promises that I don’t keep.

I feel like all I’ve been doing is searching. Searching for what I want to do in life, searching for finding peace, searching for what makes m happy. It’s a long process that I have moments in time where I think I’ve started to get it, and then I just fall back. What I do know is that I can only keep going forward.

One of the things that I have found is that although I love posting on Youtube, the thing that has been stopping me is the content. It is just not good for me, mentally, to continue talking about weight loss or food or health as much as I do. It effects me in ways I don’t realize (and some that I do). It’s something that I have found very late in the game, but here we are. I talked about it a little bit in the beginning of this blog I posted a couple of weeks ago:

What I do know is that creating content and talking about what I love is something that I want to do. I love the interaction, I love that it’s a creative outlet that I don’t do as a job (sometimes, having a job that involves your passions really hinders the want to do it in your time off) and that it challenges me in ways that are completely different than anything else in my life.

As I said in the video, I am switching up things. After debating, I’m cutting back on talking about the things that are what that channel is mainly about, and incorporating more of the other things I love. I tried this in my vlogs, but I knew that wasn’t enough. I want to talk more about the Korean dramas I’m watching, or podcasts I love in dedicated videos. I want to talk about the nerdy things, and maybe even when I’m feeling creative the arty stuff.

I also still want to talk about vegan things. This won’t go away, I’m just going to be more delicate around it, for my mental health. What I won’t be talking about, at least as of now, is weight loss. It’s just something I can’t do, and it what has been making me not want to upload any videos.

I’m doing what every site is telling me not to do, and not sticking with one true “genre” of content. But screw it. As the title of this website implies, this is about life. And I’m a vegan, Korean drama addict, who annoys her coworkers by listening to murder podcasts and J-pop, and sometimes sews random things while learning new languages. I’m a dork, and a nerd and a geek, and someone who is not just one thing.

I hope you enjoy this part of my journey.

Also, now that I’m back in a normal schedule at work I will be continuing things that I’ve wanted to do here (mainly the Eva reviews).

I love all who are still here for my crazy journey.


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