Five Tips to Going Vegan


It’s the beginning of the year, and I know it is the perfect time for resolutions and goals for yourself to make you a better you. For many, going vegan might be that thing. I wanted to share some tips to help you go vegan, so that you can be successful. It will be hard, and there is work involved, but I hope that some of these tips will help ease your transition and keep you in the right track for success.

»Go Slowly

The easiest way to go vegan is to ease yourself into. Not everyone can go into veganism by jumping into the deep end. Start by slowly giving up items. If you are a meat eater, try giving up one type of meat. After a while, add to that list by dropping another type. If you are already vegetarian, try giving up specific items. Replace milk with a plant based one, instead of mayo on your sandwich add hummus or avocado. I found that replacing items that I just didn’t care that much about and made it a point to always buy those items vegan. Example: I didn’t care about having real butter, so I switched to Earth Balance long before I ever went even fully vegetarian. Slowly getting used to it, and easing the cravings you have will help you in the long run, so that you don’t feel like giving up, or giving into cravings.

»Immerse Yourself

Almost everything that you do can be done easier if you immerse yourself into it. Search around for vegan Youtube videos or specific creators that have your same interests and watch their videos. Watch documentaries. Find a podcast that you can listen to on your commute. Read books or blogs. When you first go vegan, it can be overwhelming and hard. Things take time to become a habit, or something that you don’t have to think of as much. Finding ways to incorporate it into your day-to-day life as well as finding different tips and tricks from others will help. Once you hear about a certain ingredient not being vegan a couple of times, it’ll stick with you without you spending much thought on it. It’s kind of like when you were little, and you would play video games like Where in the World is Carmen San Diego. When you are playing it, it just feels like a fun game, but afterwards you start to realize how much geography you picked up without ever having to study.

It will also help you to find things you like, that also happen to have a veganism spin to them. If you really like documentaries, pick up a vegan one to watch. If you find you like a certain type of music find someone who is vegan and shares that same love for the music. When you incorporate veganism into your daily life (and things that aren’t vegan) it’s much more enjoyable and easier for you to find more information than just scouting medical documents.

»Experiment: Don’t Eat Out

Veganism is already hard. Don’t set yourself up for failure by trying to find vegan items on the menu of a not so vegan friendly menu. It’ll only lead to anxiety about how you are going to do it, how others view you, if you are going to do it right. It might even trigger you to cave and not eat vegan just so you don’t have to deal with the anxiety and stress. One of the best things you can do to help go vegan is to make it as easy as possible until you get more comfortable. Eating out will just stress you, or make you feel as an outsider. Learning to cook vegan allows you to figure out food combinations you like. Experimenting in the kitchen with what you have, as opposed to making some complicated vegan food makes it more comfortable for you to realize how easy vegan cooking really is. Some of my favorite meals aren’t concocted from crazy expensive vegan products, they came from me putting together different items I just had in my pantry that are naturally vegan. Herbs and spices help, as well as finding different ways to cook things (steamed broccoli is ok, but have you ever tried it roasted? GAME CHANGER).

When you’ve eaten a certain way for most of you life, you have already established what you like and don’t like. You have fall back foods that you know you can make, or you know how expensive they are. You have staples that make it so that you don’t have to think most nights. Throwing a new diet into the mix will throw you off, and you need to dedicate the time to find those new fall back foods and new staples.

»Stop Comparing Yourself

You are you. You are not the person you see on the TV, or the vegan you see in a Youtube video. Just because it took them a certain amount of time to go vegan, doesn’t mean that you have to. Nor that it makes you a bad person. Everyone does things differently. Everyone has different lives and different things that effect them. What is easy for one, won’t be for another, but can be for another. For a lot of people, giving up cheese isn’t as easy as most vegans make it sound. Focus on you. If you have to take longer to go vegan, that’s fine. Maybe you have to take a month or two to even just give up one meat item. That’s fine. At the end of the day, every little step has a great impact. It will get easier. Trust me. Just keep towards the end goal.

»It’s Okay to Not Be Perfect

We don’t live in a world that we can be 100% vegan. There are things that are just beyond your control. Don’t try to dwell on those. I know a lot of people (myself included) feel stress about accidentally doing something “not vegan”. You will mess up and eat something with an animal product. You will think a product is vegan, and then find out later that it isn’t. It is not the end of the world. You are not a bad person. Your mental health is extremely important, and worrying about being perfect in veganism is damaging to your health and the way you live your life. Get back up, and add it as a learning experience so that you won’t do it the next time.

I hope that some of these tips will help you, whether you are newly vegan, thinking about going vegan, or struggling. Let me know what has helped you in the journey in the comments.

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A Loss of Confidence

I’m in this really weird state where I think that I’m not doing well on my resolutions, and it’s starting to upset me. Bother me more than upset, but it’s still something I have been thinking of. If you look at my channel I haven’t been doing 2 videos a week (and the things I have posted aren’t that great either). I haven’t uploaded another post on my prop blog. And my Japanese? Well, I blame this show for me barely cracking open my book.

(Seriously, at this point I should just switch to learning Korean, it would probably be easier)

But in reality I have done a lot. It’s just all behind the scenes. I’ve been working on tweaks on my prop blog, both in resources and site design/navigation. I’ve been planning posts, and gathering images. I’ve been chipping away at writing several posts. I’ve taken pictures of things for later posts, and the blog is actually officially live (which is more than I did the entirety of last year on this blog). I’ve written more on this blog than I have in a long time. I’ve even written more posts that I haven’t even posted yet. I’ve got ideas for other posts and I’ve been fairly active on the Facebook page I set up. As for my channel, I do have a video that I have planned I just haven’t sat down and recorded it.

That’s mainly because I haven’t felt like being on camera. It’s more of a talking video, and I’m just not that great of a public speaker especially when it’s a topic I want to get right. I don’t want to forget important things, and I want it to come out informative and polished. In reality I’m scared to do it. I’m scared it’s not going to come out good, or that I’ve built up this great thing in my head that I just won’t succeed at, no matter how hard I try. That it will never be good how much I prepare.

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screen-shot-2015-02-26-at-5-00-37-pm-550x297 image source

I’ve always found that Sundays tend to be the days I fall naturally into posting or uploading life things. It may because it’s in my routine that it’s my day of chores, or that it just happens to be a day I spend less time going somewhere or having commitments. I’ve posted my vlogs on Sundays, and back when I was doing weigh-ins they happened to fall on a Sunday (at least the actual stepping on the scale and recording). I guess that’s what’s happening today, it’s a day for life, as opposed to activism/veganism/weight loss.

I’ve been working on my resolutions this past week, and really trying to find ways to do it all. I tried to make the resolutions in line with things I like to do (as so they are not a burden, or I find them so not enjoyable that I won’t want to keep it up), but also make them interchangeable. If I find a book I like that I want to read, it can be a book that I can make a video review and talk about it on this blog. I’m not limiting myself in that I have to be original in each area that they all have to be different. I knew that I would set myself up for failure. So far, that has been helping in how I approach things.

Time management is now my main concern. I have done extremely well on everything I talked about doing, except for posting two videos last week. I didn’t have the time, and the video that I wanted to make I don’t want to rush. It needs more time, and it’s important for me to take the time to make it right. In the past I have rushed to fulfill content goals by posting whatever would be easiest. It was about the quantity or sticking to the schedule as opposed to taking the time to create something. I didn’t want that to happen with these New Year resolutions, but I also didn’t want my old habits to creep in. Before, if I didn’t have anything or didn’t want to put the effort into them, I would just not do anything. If I couldn’t do one thing, I just gave up on the others entirely.

So while keeping up with the resolutions is something I should strive for, I should also focus on finding ways to sustain it and not leading to the eventual path of giving up entirely. So what if I only posted one video last week? I spent the week doing other things that I certainly wasn’t a failure.

I have spent time on posts. I have actually written several: more than I ever have. I have sat down and not just made lists of posts that I wanted to write, I made game plans. I’ve had thoughts for this blog for a while, and they are finally taking shape because I made the time. I actually started the prop blog. Sure, there is only one post up, but it’s up which is much more than I did last year. I created it. I have made plans on that one too, as well as gathering all of the little bits and pieces of images and information that I had saved up.

Plans help because they keep me sane. They keep me thinking of the goals and not getting overwhelmed by them. They also act as a backup. If I am in a creative slump, I can pull from them as opposed to figuring out just on my own.

I have a video going up today on the channel that is just a standard grocery haul. I was tempted not to put it up, because I didn’t want it to seem that I was giving up or slacking. I said in the resolutions video that I wanted to do more, and it seems that having the video directly after that be that type seemed silly. But then I realized it was a Sunday. I have been trying to find a schedule that I thought would work out, especially for videos since they have more constraints (I can’t really film a video at work, but I can write a post to catch up on things). It just fits that these types of videos: the simple lifestyle ones like grocery hauls and vlogs just naturally fit on a life day.

It’s important for me to further my channel in ways that are educational about health and veganism. But it’s ok for me to also do videos I love that are a little less about those things. In the end, they tie together. I know for me when I was just starting my journey it was those small videos, as opposed to the heavier videos that helped me find my path. They helped me on my journey as much as the other ones. And I still enjoy making them. In the end, balance is key.

Have a good Sunday.

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Fat Shaming

I have spent years wanting to lose weight. It should be no surprise I want to be thin, and that I generally don’t like being overweight. Part of it is how I feel, and how I live in this world with this amount of weight on me. Little things like finding clothing, or knowing that I might not be able to fit in a theatre seat drive me insane, but I also hate the toll it has on my body.

But the larger part of how I negatively feel about being the weight I am is what the world has told me. I live in a world where I’m consistently told I’m less of a human being because of my weight. I’m ugly, I’m disgusting, I am the cause of our health care issues. It should just be easy for me to lose the weight, it doesn’t matter that EVERY FUCKING HUMAN BEING HAS ISSUES WITH LOSING WEIGHT. I can bring up thousands of articles about how to “lose those last 10 lbs”, but when it comes to someone who is overweight its easy.

Nothing lets it really get to you until you find out another person you like or looked up to has decided to fat shame under the veil of “concern.”

I highly suggest taking the time to read this article by Kiva Bay about a recent Twitter post that Emma Caulfield (Anya of Buffy the Vampire Slayer) posted on her Twitter account. As a huge fan of Buffy, and of Emma Caulfield, I am completely saddened by the way she reacted. There was absolutely no reason to even begin the conversation. She is not overweight. There is no proof that she ever was even a little overweight at any point in her life. She didn’t have a family member that just died/has issues because of weight, nothing in her life points to it having to have come up…until you factor in that she is just projecting her prejudice.

Meghan Tonjes, who I absolutely love and is one of those amazing human beings in the world of fat acceptance, posted a video about her dealing with Emma about the tweet:

Shaming at any level: calling names or hiding under the “I just care about your health” trope is not only hurtful to those that actually will be directly hurt by the words (aka, those overweight and not the skinny actress) and do much more to perpetuate to society that if you are fat, you are worthless. It doesn’t make you a good person, it just means you are a voice in hate-fueled rhetoric.

The only one who should be concerned about my weight is me. The End.

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New Year Resolutions: 2017

Happy new year!

I rang in the New Year watching Mythbusters. I know, be jealous of my social life. I spent the day in bed with a terrible headache and just trying to sleep it off, and it threw off my entire day.

It is now officially 2017, and just like every year, I have resolutions. I’ve actually been thinking about them for a while, and whether or not I was going to do them this year, or even talk about them. I have a love/hate relationship with resolutions. Every year, I make resolutions. Every year I don’t accomplish them. I understand the value in having goals. Striving for something that is better than you current is a good thing. It helps define a path and can help set you in that direction.

But sometimes when I don’t accomplish the resolution or goal it effects me even more. I end up beating myself up about not doing what I had set out to do and that’s a hard thing to break out of. It’s not healthy, and isn’t good mentally.

Not having a goal isn’t good either. I’m in a constant state of wanting to better myself, and I have realized throughout the years, that if I don’t concentrate on something specific, I end up setting myself up. I fail, and then am lost. I looked at my resolutions for last year, I ended up not completing any of them. I was discouraged. I didn’t have a direction.


pic source

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Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday weekend, if you don’t celebrate I hope it’s been an enjoyable couple of days. I just wanted to quickly come on and post a quick update.


I’ve spent the day with family (and Lizzy) opening gifts and eating lots of really great food.


(I’m kind of really good at roasting veggies).

We may have spent a good majority of the time watching the Mythbusters marathon as well :)

I know this blog has been filled with empty promises for a while, but I’m hoping that within the new year I find the time to update more. I have so many plans for what I want to do: I have posts that I have started, pictures that I have taken an ideas that I have written down, and the only way that I’m going to make them happen is to just do it. To find the time, and commit to it.

My next post will be dedicated to my goals for 2017.

I’m thinking it might be a really good year, full of growth and love. Take care.


(p.s. If you want to know what I’ve been up to, I suggest checking out my Youtube, I was posting videos every day this month)

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